​​​Pierre Hailey


Pierre is a 28-year-old Wadesboro, NC native.  After attending the Hairstyling Institute of Charlotte, Pierre had the opportunity to use his full range of talent and skills as a Barber.  He spent time crafting his ability and continuing to learn.  He puts his all into each cut and cuts with passion.  Pierre understands the power of overcoming difficulty.  When his Great-Grandmother passed in 2014 he had to take time to heal, with a renewed sense of purpose and invigorated spirit Pierre revived his Barbering career. 

While searching for a new Barbershop in Charlotte, Pierre was looking for a challenge a place to be mentored and perfect his Barbering & Men’s Grooming.  From his 1st day at the Ultimate Barber Lounge Pierre knew he’d found his new home.  Tone noticed his gift and immediately began pushing him. For Pierre, being at UBL is like being in school and trying to consistently out-do yourself. 

Here he has been introduced to learning new ways of looking at the business of barbering. Pierre’s excitement for barbering shows each and every day, working some days without a moment to stop for lunch.  Pierre is more than just a uber-talented barber, he is a valuable team player.  He appreciates the direction that his career is being propelled, and will with certainty accomplish each and every one of his goals.