Like the many definitions of his name “Prego”  which in Italian can be translated to “I pray”, “God bless”, “good luck”, and in some instances a simple “yes”  Phil AKA “Prego” is
much more than meets the eye.  Described as the “classic man’s” barber Phil is a graduate of Park
West Barber School. 

When you’re in Phil’s chair prepare for top-notch customer service matched with top-notch talent.  Phil enjoys helping his client get to their desired look, he does this by asking the right questions and focusing on the end-result.  Coming from Gastonia, North Carolina Phil has a strong connection to his community; he plans to use his entrepreneurial spirit to mentor young men all while building a successful multi-location barbershop. 

His belief is that by changing the world around you, you change the world.  He has a raw, real, and distinctive view of his world and he infuses this energy into every cut he does.  Using his experiences and well-honed skill set Prego is certain to crown the industry and every man that comes under his clippers.